José Ureña Found His Fastball and Is Finding Himself

José Ureña came into 2018 a bit of a project. He has been in the league since 2015, but he spent the 2015 and 2016 seasons mostly toiling away in the bullpen. At the velocity he sits around, throwing him into the 'pen maybe should have worked alright. But it didn't. And maybe that's for [...]


New Swing Brings New Struggles for Kyle Seager

Behind many high hopes for the 2018 Mariners was a quiet confidence in the continued performance of veteran players. Among those players was Kyle Seager. Although his offensive numbers dipped quite a bit in 2017, he was still viewed as a quality hitter going forward, but as we close in on the season's halfway mark, [...]

Well, Well, Well, How the Turn Tables: Clutch Jean Segura Outdoing Projections

Another offseason with GM Jerry Dipoto at the helm meant another year of significant turnover for the Mariners, but shining through the notable additions and the ensuing ups and downs of star players, Jean Segura has been a primary catalyst for Seattle's early success. He's batting .321/.338/.450, is on pace for over 100 RBIs mainly from [...]

The Matt Kemp Mirage

Calling Matt Kemp a bright spot for a struggling Dodgers squad is beginning to feel like quite the understatement. His current .318/.355/.504 slash line and 138 wRC+ to start the 2018 season are easy to get excited about -- those numbers are blowing every projection out of the water. But that excitement should also come [...]